WW archive > Issue 677 - 14 June 2007


Naked ambition; Unqualified; Vanguardism; Open borders; Optimistic; Postmodern cliché; Women behind the wire; Section 28; Marxist party

The usable past of left republicanism

Far from pursuing a coherent strategy, writes Jim Creegan, James Connolly ended up believing that perhaps other forces could act in the workers' place

Well-meaning but inchoate

As well as the platitudes and compromises from bourgeois politicians, the G8 featured protests from thousands who want 'another world'. Carey Davies reports

From Halifax to Fiji

Steve Cooke reports on the latest news from the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign

Uncontrollable system

Simon Wells on the 'compromise' on climate change agreed at the G8 summit

Campaigning with Marxist teeth

Oppose all halfway houses, says Peter Manson. We need to be absolutely clear on our principles

Compromised 'opposition'

Mark Fischer comments on the imperial economism of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, which is most crassly expressed in the organisation's refusal to call for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq

So many Kuomintangs

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group continues to push for a halfway house party in opposition to the CPGB's 'ultra-leftism'

More poverty, more missiles

Ostentatious and pompous as ever, the 33rd G8 summit took place from June 6 to June 8 at the Kempinski Grand Hotel in Heiligendamm on the Baltic. Jim Moody reports

Origins of fortress west

What is the connection between the development of capitalism and restrictions on the movement of labour? In the first of two articles Mike Macnair traces such restrictions back to feudalism

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