WW archive > Issue 676 - 07 June 2007

Hands off our pensions

Now that the stock market has seen a mild recovery, some larger companies are seeking a 'holiday' from their pension fund contributions. Jim Moody comments


Anti-CMP tirade; Misapprehension; Uncomradely; Not good enough; Boneheaded; Self-analysis; Correction; Await bad times; Bricks and mortar; Fully cocked; Contradiction; Dictatorship

Brown's left cover?

Labour's deputy leadership election has met with a pretty muted response from the left. This is hardly surprising, says Mary Godwin

Academics and trade unionists sign up

Steve Cooke on the latest news and signatories of Hands Off the People of Iran

Politics and lure of fame

George Binette finds Julian Temple's film about The Clash frontman Joe Strummer engrossing, but occasionally cringe-inducing

No technical solutions

Simon Wells reports on the G8's less than serious attempts to tackle climate change

'British road' dead end

Lawrence Parker reports from the AGM of the People's Press Printing Society (the body that owns and produces the Morning Star) on June 4

Humpty Dumpty programmers

The London debate over programme put on by the Campaign for a Marxist Party on June 3 was reasonably well attended - there were some 20 comrades present, though none of them were new faces. Phil Kent reports

End bureaucratic centralism

Unity of the Marxist left is both possible and realistic, argues Mike Macnair. What is lacking is the will

Facing disintegration

As South Africa's public sector strike continues to escalate, the crisis besetting the South African Communist Party can only deepen. Peter Manson looks at the SACP's contradictory role

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