WW archive > Issue 673 - 17 May 2007

Genuine solidarity

Anne Mc Shane reports on the successful launch of Hands Off the People of Iran in Ireland


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Latest supporters

Labour left in crisis

Jack Conrad and Jim Moody comment on John McDonnell's failure to get onto the ballot paper for the Labour leadership election

Less than charitable

The Independent ran an intriguing story on May 12 centred on the expulsion of Mike Squires from membership of the Marx Memorial Library. Unfortunately, the paper dropped a clanger by stating that the Communist Party of Great Britain was at the centre of an attempted 'takeover' of the library. Lawrence Parker reports

Going nowhere fast

The Socialist Party's on-off Campaign for a New Workers' Party has next to nothing to show for its first year of existence, writes Mary Godwin

Who gets what and why

Chris Gray (New Interventions) reviews Tim Harford's The undercover economist Little, Brown 2006, pp288, £17.99

Mainstream 'solutions'

The Campaign Against Climate Change held what seems to have become a regular event, its annual International Climate Conference, over the weekend of May 12-13, with over 350 people - mainly white, but a mixture of young and old - attending its plenaries and individual sessions. Tony Stevens reports

Two-way traffic and continued divisions

As the SWP desperately tries to keep a semblance of control over its Respect offspring in Tower Hamlets, the local branch has seen one of its councillors cross the floor to Labour, while a high-profile Labour leftwinger moves in the opposite direction. Peter Manson reports

Serious debate on key questions

The CPGB Wales annual day school, held in Cardiff on May 12, attracted small numbers, but produced serious and worthwhile debate. Bob Davies reports

Prepare for marathon

Phil Sharpe of the Democratic Socialist Alliance defends his advocacy of a halfway house workers' party as a means of promoting the Marxist programme

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