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PCSU - fight to win

On May Day the Public and Commercial Services Union is calling out its 280,000 civil service members on a 24-hour strike. Lee Rock, national secretary of the PCSU Socialist Caucus, explains the issues


Splitters; Square wheel; First condition; Myopic reverence; Chauvinist CPGB; Disgusting; No way, comrade; Silencers; Prostitution; By the by; Multicultural; Happy-clappy; Rude elements; Fake outrage; Dogmatic

Release Mahmoud Salehi

'Don't criticise Iranian regime'

At the April 19 activists' meeting of Campaign Iran, our call for principled internationalism was met with SWP-backed nationalist accusations of displaying an "imperial and colonial" viewpoint, which was "catastrophic for the people of Iran". Tina Becker reports

Election lottery

On Thursday May 3, voters in Wales go to the polls in what is dubbed by many the 'Welsh general election'. However, if interest in the event is to match that rather grand title, there would have to be a significant increase in the 38% turnout recorded for the last assembly elections in 2003. Bob Davies reports

Propaganda and ideology

The most remarkable thing about the sword and sandals epic 300 is that there have been no pickets organised outside the local Odeon and no fatwahs issued against director Zack Snyder and executive producer Frank Miller, says Jeremy Butler

Controversy and comradeship

Comrades from diverse political backgrounds gathered at the University of Sheffield over the weekend of April 21-22 to discuss revolutionary theory, strategy and practice at the CPGB-organised Communist University North. James Turley and Jamie Linney report

Ghosts of 2002, poverty of 2007

The deeply divided French left has only itself to blame for its abysmal results in the presidential election. Peter Manson looks at the continuing decline of the Parti Communiste Français and the bankruptcy of the far left

Spiralling deeper into nationalism

By returning the Scottish National Party as the largest party on May 3, the third election to Scotland's devolved parliament has the potential to open up a profound debate about the constitutional settlement that has long served one of the world's oldest bourgeoisies. Nick Rogers reports

Propaganda for a lost generation

Phil Sharpe replies to Mike Macnair on the question of the Marxist party's programme

Post workers under attack

At the end of last week, Royal Mail announced that it would accelerate the privatisation of crown post offices by transferring 85 of them to the tender mercies of WH Smith. Initially, 70 are to due to go this year. Jim Moody reports

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