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Hero; Wishful thinking; Correction; Old versus new; Democracy; Labour’s ghost; Like Lansbury; Consumer arousal; Blood-sucking; PCSU split vote; Revo and WP; Quite impressive; Youth ‘reform’; Resources; The right thing; Only one tactic

Braving death threats

On February 26, the notorious Jihadist Ansar al-Islam group, based in Kurdistan/Iraq, sent a death threat to Iraqi socialist and women's rights activist Houzan Mahmoud, representative abroad of the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq. The email - imaginatively titled 'Kill' - reads: "With the permission of great god, we will kill you either in Iraq or in London by the middle of March, because you are campaigning against islam. You should be sent to god for punishment." Houzan spoke to the Weekly Worker about the threat and her campaigning work that has provoked it.

CMP steps up a gear

Peter Manson reports on the first national members' meeting of the Campaign for a Marxist Party

Reid whips up xenophobia

In response to home secretary's John Reid xenophobic incitement directed at those from outside Britain, Jim Moody argues for open borders

Being called a 'black bastard' should not be normal

In a certain sense, the recent comments by the now disgraced Tory MP, Patrick Mercer, can be welcomed, says Eddie Ford

Opportunism in Irish conditions

Socialist Workers Party (Ireland) held its Marxism 2007 event in Dublin over the weekend of March 10-11. The event reflects, as it does in Britain, the current political and organisational state of the SWP. Anne Mc Shane reports

Solidarity and SWP's favourite anti-semite

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign wants to have it both ways over saxophonist Gilad Atzmon and the Deir Yassin Remembered group. Tony Greenstein (a founder member of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and a member of Jews Against Zionism) reports on the annual general meeting

Abolition and working class solidarity

Official society celebrates the bicentenary of the ending of slavery as part of 'our common British heritage'. Mike Macnair examines the class forces that underpinned anti-slavery

Province of permanent instability 'normalises'

Liam O Ruairc of the Irish Republican Socialist Party looks at the situation in Northern Ireland after the elections and the possibilities of power sharing

Uphill battle for McDonnell

With in all likelihood only a couple of months to go before Tony Blair steps down as Labour leader, the campaign to elect John McDonnell as his replacement is still unable to gather enough steam to ensure that, at the very least, his name appears on the ballot paper. Peter Manson reports

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