WW archive > Issue 663 - 08 March 2007

Freudian slips and punishing the poor

Unite employed and unemployed workers, says Eddie Ford


Thatcher in trousers; Social ownership; Self-criticism; Growing up; Don’t trust workers; Friends like these; HOPI conditioning; Strong unity; Eccentric bias

May 3 and the CPGB

The forthcoming elections will feature a number of left Labour and socialist candidates and slates, writes Peter Manson. On what basis should we decide who deserves our support?

Shambolic scramble for candidates

Cameron Richards reports on the March 6 election meeting of Respect Wales, which was attended by the grand total of 13 people

Uphill battle

David Sabbagh reports on the excellent result that Communist Students achieved in the University of Sheffield elections

Abolish the second chamber

This week's parliamentary debate on the future of the House of Lords is another episode in the Blairite saga aimed at revamping the United Kingdom's constitutional monarchy state, says Jim Moody

Asset-strip raid

Over 50 sixth form students at Riverside College, in Runcorn, Cheshire, last week reacted against the removal of IT facilities from the college. Ronnie Williams reports

Charter for a democratic republic

Peter Tatchell, Dave Church and Steve Freeman outline their vision for a democratic republic

Nationalist squabbles

On Saturday March 3 both the Scottish Socialist Party and Solidarity held one-day policy conferences in Glasgow to finalise their respective manifestoes for the May 3 election to the Scottish parliament. Peter Manson comments

Space, the final frontier?

Going to the moon and space travel and are back in the news, writes Jack Conrad. But the left would be daft to fall for the sci-fi hype

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