WW archive > Issue 658 - 01 February 2007

Crime and yet more punishment

Prison doesn't work, says Eddie Ford


Cretins; Middle way; Iraqi women’s rights; Up for Cruddas; Blame leaders; Erfurt; Delusion; Religious freedom; Social realism; Arse talk; Correction; No harm

SF constitutional transformation complete

Revisiting Warwick

Labour is turning to the unions once again to ease its financial problems. But will the union bureaucrats write more blank cheques? Alan Stevens calls for a political fightback

For workers' unity, for open borders

On January 26 the government announced yet another batch of anti-migrant measures in its UK Borders Bill, which will have its second reading on February 5. Peter Manson reports

Father knew Lloyd George

With another senior Labour figure arrested over cash for honours and a cover-up alleged, the criminal investigation is drawing Blair into its net. But what lessons can we draw about democracy, accountability and the system of capital itself? Jim Moody examines the issues

Collusion - policy of the British state

The official report into collusion between loyalist death squads and the British state only confirms what was common knowledge, writes Liam O Ruairc of the Irish Republican Socialist Party. He also notes (below) that the report has been used by Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams to justify cooperation with the Northern Ireland police

The sigh of the oppressed

Gerry Downing looks at the origins of monotheism and assesses the attitude of communists towards believers

What sort of programme?

Members of the Campaign for a Marxist Party in the Midlands area met last Saturday (January 22) in Birmingham. Dave Spencer reports

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