WW archive > Issue 657 - 25 January 2007

PCSU: All out January 31

Lee Rock, national secretary of PCSU Socialist Caucus, reports on the forthcoming 24-hour strike


Silly ballerinas; Law school; Revolution or two; Libel-read herring; More plagiarism; No sharia; SYN anomaly; Sci-fi appeal; Sex and drugs; Second fronts; Disappointed; Excuse me not; Stalinist mythology

For democratic, republican self-government

The working class should be doing nothing less than setting society's political agenda, argues Nick Rogers

Some more equal than others

There is no religious 'right to discriminate', says Jim Moody

Voting for Britain

Eddie Ford takes a closer look at the 'racism row' in the Celebrity big brother house

Chomsky's parallel lives

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group concludes his examination of a political enigma

What now for the Marxist Party campaign?

To call for a Marxist party is to intervene in the movement in a sect way, writes Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group, continuing his reply to Mike Macnair

How to fight for party

Around 20 comrades came together for the first London meeting of the Campaign for a Marxist Party on January 21. This took the form of a debate and discussion on the immediate tasks of the CMP, initiated by Mike Macnair of the CPGB and Chris Grey of New Interventions. Peter Manson reports

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