WW archive > Issue 644 - 12 October 2006

Siding with Murdoch

As the Scottish Socialist Party held its annual conference over the weekend of October 7-8, the feud between Tommy Sheridan and his former comrades spiralled out of control. Nick Rogers reports


Future unity; Party elite; Quiet thought; Sticking point; Revolutionary; Israel’s demise; Racist solution; Equals sign; Blame game; Migrant trap?; Wrong John; Correction; On the periphery; Bold outline; New conditions

Control-freakery and decline

The weekend of October 14-15 will see Respect's third annual conference. Doubtless it is set to feature plenty of platform speeches but precious little debate: there are fewer motions and fewer delegates. Emily Bransom and Tina Becker preview the weekend

No fudge on accountability

The only motion focusing on the lack of democracy and accountability in Respect is motion No1 from the CPGB, which is also supported by Calderdale

Don't talk about George!

Workers Unity platform members attempted to get an emergency motion on the McNeilage scandal debated at the Scottish Socialist Party conference, but it was ruled out of order. Sandy McBurney spoke to Peter Manson

Support a woman's right to wear the niqab. Support a woman's right not to wear the niqab

Jim Moody comments on Jack Straw's dangerous political manoeuvre

Arise - what next?

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group takes a closer look at the debate on the future of the Socialist Alliance

New left for old

Mike Macnair reviews Max Elbaum's Revolution in the air: sixties radicals turn to Lenin, Mao and Che Verso, 2002, pp370, £20

The call for a party

Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, explains the thinking behind the November 4 conference to establish a Campaign for a New Marxist Party

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