WW archive > Issue 640 - 14 September 2006

Accountability and Tommy rot

Mark Fischer argues that there are more important issues at stake in the SSP fiasco than who lied and who told the truth about Tommy Sheridan's sex life


Baghdad raid; Shame face; Respect rat; Good job; Split one’s side; CPI(M) scepticism; Nationalist twist; Kiwi strike; Value others

Contradictions exposed

Simon Wells reviews John Rees' Imperialism and resistance, Routledge 2006, pp265, £14.99

Three political commitments

Unity not around 'Trotskyism', insists Mike Macnair, but around class independence, democracy and internationalism

Fact and fictions

Each year on September 16 Welsh nationalists celebrate 'Owain Glyndwr day'. Bob Davies looks at the myths surrounding the 'the last genuine Prince of Wales'

Fight for what we need and for democracy

Carey Davies and Sachin Sharma report from the launch rally for John McDonnell's bid for the Labour Party leadership

CPGB motions

The CPGB is sponsoring two motions to be put to the Respect annual conference on October 14-15. If you are a paid up member of Respect, add your support by writing to office@cpgb.org.uk

Good riddance, Blair No Brown coronation

McDonnell's campaign should be strengthened with some key demands, says Peter Manson

Launch of Communist Students

Mary Godwin reports from the September 9 aggregate of CPGB members. On the agenda: student politics, our perspectives for the coming period and leadership elections

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