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Initiative lacking

Howard Roak reports on the latest development in the party's fundraising drive


In with a bullet; Under siege; Critical matter; Marxist party; I dare you; Eyeing the fire; Workers Power; Big impact; Left to fester; War reasons; Unitary state; Under duress; Loss of faith; Irish unity

Don't desert them

'No to war, no to repression' is an open letter by Iranian student leaders in opposition to both imperialist aggression and the oppression of the islamic regime. Two were recently arrested. Mehdi Kia of Iran Bulletin/Middle East Forum introduces it with a discussion of its background and the solidarity tasks of the left

No to war, no to repression

21st century socialism

Owen Jones is the coordinator of the recently launched LRC youth group, the Young Socialists, and is on the John McDonnell campaign team. Mark Fischer collared him for an argument

Identity and class

After watching the repeat of the BBC series, Lefties, Gordon Downie discusses how the capitalist media misrepresents radical movements of the left

Confident campaign

John McDonnell was bullish about both the Labour Representation Committee conference and the prospects for his leadership campaign when he spoke to Mark Fischer

Ted Grant, 1913-2006 : Sect with class roots

Ted Grant died on July 20 at the age of 93, after more than 75 years as a Trotskyist activist. He was the effective founder and theoretical guru of the Militant Tendency, which at its height, recalls Mike Macnair, before the splits of the 1990s, was probably the largest and best-rooted of the Trotskyist organisations in Britain

Wrong slogans

Peter Manson and Dave Isaacson report on the July 22 demonstrations against Israel's onslaught on Lebanon

Astute timing but weak politics

The John McDonnell challenge affords the Labour left a chance of a comeback, Mark Fischer reckons. But what should be the role of Marxists in the party?

Nationalist myths are not Marxism

Jack Conrad argues against the Scottish Socialist Party's claim that Scotland is an oppressed nation, an English colony. Prior to the 1707 Act of Union Scotland was not a nation

Initiative lacking

Howard Roak reports on the latest development in the party's fundraising drive

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