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Heads down

Howard Roak reports on some promising developments during our annual fundraising drive


Park life; Anathema; Sensational; Coming clean; Illumination; Wilde talk; Ultra-leftism; Support POWs; Cross over ; Paedophilia; Do you read me?; Minority view

Reports from Marxism meetings

'The fight for gay liberation in the Middle East'

Opportunism and hype

The Socialist Workers' Party's annual Marxism school marked another step along the popular front road. Peter Manson, Anne Mc Shane and Phil Kent report

Iranian left protests against apologetics

Like the Socialist Workers Party, Monthly Review in the United States has toned down its opposition to the Iranian regime. Iranian socialists have issued this open letter in protest at its coverage of the June 12 women's demonstration in Tehran

Fringe success

Tina Becker reports on 'The Marxism Fringe'

Dump sect culture

The largest left group in Australia, Democratic Socialist Perspective, has just suffered a split. In this Labor Tribune article Marcus Ström calls for open debate and disciplined unity, not conspiratorial intrigue

The real resistance

Popular opposition to anti-semitism saved thousands of Jews under Nazi occupation, writes Tony Greenstein in this concluding article - despite rather than because of Zionism

Reports from Marxism meetings

Facing two ways on a woman's right to choose

Reports from Marxism meetings

Friend or foe?

Labor Tribune launched

Marcus Ström is the editor of Labor Tribune, a recently established website of Marxist discussion and intervention in Australia. He was previously prominent on the revolutionary left in Britain as a CPGB member and a leader of the Socialist Alliance. He spoke to Mark Fischer

Reports from Marxism meetings

'Alienation and contemporary capitalism'

Reports from Marxism meetings

For Muslim Brotherhood

Fight where Marxists are

The organisation of a conference by the Critique group to campaign for a new Marxist party is welcome, writes Mike Macnair. But how far it will get is problematic

Reports from Marxism meetings

'Muslims and the left today'

Heads down

Howard Roak reports on some promising developments during our annual fundraising drive

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