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Howard Roak starts to get nervous despite a decent week for our annual fundraising drive


Rigid categories; London link; Cheap sneer; Sabotage; ‘Great’ stuff; Contradiction?; Elucidation; Subtle; Sick question; Tired clichés; Frustration; Marxist party

The Split in the League for the Fifth International

Ian Donovan's original letter

Hungary, Auschwitz and rewriting the holocaust

In his third article on Zionism, Tony Greenstein continues his examination of collaboration and denial


Workers Power split

As many readers will be aware, Workers Power and its 'oil slick international', the League for the Fifth International, has just expelled one-third of its members. Mark Fischer draws up a balance sheet

Taking Marxism seriously

Nick Rogers draws lessons for today from the experiences of Marx and Engels in the First International

'Class lines' against democracy

Mike Macnair takes on Ian Donovan

The split in the League for the Fifth International (LFI)

Expelled for thought crimes

Simon Wells was a dissident in the Socialist Workers Party. Then he was informed by telephone by national organiser Martin Smith: 'You're out of the party'. Despite this treatment, he decided to appeal

An outline of the evidence that reveals how the International Minority Faction planned to split the League

Chaos in Tower Hamlets Respect

George Galloway had to broker a peace deal with councillors after an anti-SWP coup amongst Respect councillors failed, writes Huw Bynon

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