WW archive > Issue 624 - 11 May 2006

Extremely pleasant, but...

Over 35,000 people attended the fourth European Social Forum in Athens from May 4-7. While the organisation was generally good and the event enjoyable, the open question remains: what is the point of this biennial carnival - apart from deepening divisions amongst the left in the host country? Tina Becker reports


BNP and change; Enlightened; Previous issue; Gross distortion

Into the dustbin of history

Graham Bash of 'Labour Left Briefing' looks forward to Blair's demise in the aftermath of the May 4 local elections

Days of black and red

In the second article on the general strike and its turbulent background Jack Conrad looks at the delayed birth of the CPGB and the course of events from black Friday to red Friday

Attempt to hijack Euro demo

The events that took place during Saturday's ESF demonstration deserve to be described in some detail, because the Socialist Workers Party is involved in a blatant attempt to falsify history. For some reason, the Greek Social Forum has decided not to take on the comrades publicly. That leaves the Weekly Worker to fill this important gap

Unity in diversity

How does the concept of the united front fit into the struggle for a Communist Party? Mike Macnair continues his examination of strategy

SWP failure within Respect success

Peter Manson comments on the results of the May 4 local elections

US workers: end of isolation

View from the US left by Martin Schreader

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