WW archive > Issue 619 - 06 April 2006

Merger opportunity

Ben Lewis, a member of the CPGB and the German left party WASG, reports on the result of the Urabstimmung (membership ballot) within the WASG, which highlights widespread discontent over the leadership's bureaucratic manoeuvres in pursuing the merger with the Linkspartei.PDS ballot


Opening time; Dictum; With interest; ‘Freedom’ fight; Ignorance; Green man; No compromise; Boom and bust; Sinking; Fluff; Brutal images; Mistake; Insulting

Greenism and neo-Malthusian pseudo-science

In the first of three articles Jack Conrad argues that the global ecological crisis cannot be explained by crude overpopulation theories. Each social formation has its own laws, including laws of population

Rights and wrongs

Sofie Buckland of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, newly elected to the leadership of the National Union of Students on the Education Not for Sale ticket, takes issue with David Isaacson and the anti-economist emphasis of the CPGB

What kind of new workers' party?

The question of a new party is appearing on the agenda of the workers' movement over and over again. But few are fighting for one based on a Marxist programme - including most of the Marxists, paradoxically. Nick Rogers gives an overview of this crucial debate

Powerful symbol

Liam O Ruairc reviews Denis O Hearn's book Bobby Sands: Nothing but an unfinished song, Pluto Press, 2006, £12.99, pp448

Ticked off and many headed

Eddie Ford reviews The insurgency, BBC2 April 2 Sunday 9-10pm

Intransigently brave

Mark Fischer remembers Paul Whetton, a former member of the CPGB and an outstanding rank and file miners' leader during the Great Strike of 1984-85, who died on March 3

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