WW archive > Issue 618 - 30 March 2006

Show of union militancy

Pensions dispute points to lack of politics, says Alan Stevens


Nice cup of tea; Child abuse; Can’t let go; Quite absurd; Scaremongering; Parallel scandals; No evidence; Open borders; Pacifist; Worn down; Balancing act

Lies, smears and distortions

The Stalinoid left has been at it again. In order to excuse homophobia amongst the muslim establishment, some are suggesting that the March 25 'Freedom of Expression' rally was linked to the far-right BNP, so as to smear Peter Tatchell and the gay rights group, Outrage. In fact the event was organised by bourgeois liberals - and the BNP boycotted it. Brett Lock of Outrage looks at the role of Ken Livingstone's well-paid apologists, Socialist Action

Sun, sodomy and the lash

Nick Cave (writer), John Hillcoat (director) The proposition various venues

Fight for unity, fight for principle

Ben Lewis (a member of the CPGB and the German left party, WASG) reports on last week's regional elections in three German federal states and the local elections in the state of Hesse, which give a useful snapshot of the soon-to-be-united left

Labour versus Blairism

The events of the last couple of weeks have seen Blair go into crisis, writes Graham Bash of Labour Left Briefing. The question is, to what extent is it terminal?

'Talib Johnny' drops in and out

Peter Manson looks at Birmingham city councillor for Sparkbrook, Talib Hussain, who resigned from Respect only a week after joining

Reform coalition, or mass strike?

In the third article in this series, Mike Macnair examines the basis of two contending strategies for working class advance

Consistant democracy

Mary Godwin reports on the debate at the London Communist Forum where comrade Mehdi Kia spoke

Fighting on two fronts

Mehdi Kia of Iran Bulletin - Middle East Forum addressed the March 26 London Communist Forum on the question, 'Will Iran be next? Should we align ourselves with the ayatollahs?' This is an edited version of his speech

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