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Charter of platitudes

The Friday before the EPA saw meetings of the 10 or so ESF networks. Potentially the most important is the one that is has been drafting the 'Charter of principles for another Europe'

For a parliament with full powers

The people of Wales must have the right to self-determination, argues Bob Davies, and calls for that right to be exercised in favour of unity within a federal republic of Wales, Scotland and England

Money launderers, political corruption, minor celebrities and our antidotes

Eddie Ford comments on the furore around Tessa Jowell and George Galloway's reinvention as a radio host

Left nationalists at the crossroads

A much divided Scottish Socialist Party held its annual conference in Dundee on March 4-5. Nick Rogers was there

Approaching crisis point

The European Social Forum is in real danger of disintegrating. All democrats and communists must work hard to prevent this. Despite our many criticisms of the process, it is currently the only real avenue that exists for the cooperation of the European left. Tina Becker and Ben Lewis report from the latest preparatory meeting in Frankfurt, which took place from March 3-5

Fight for a Marxist party

The Socialist Party's campaign for a new workers' party must be put on firm Marxist foundations, says Ian Mahoney

McCombes strategy provokes reaction

Sandy McBurney, a member of the SSP's Workers Unity platform, gives his assessment of the weekend

MDC split offers opportunity for left

Zimbabwe's opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change, has formally split. The MDC was originally set up by trade union leaders, including former Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions president Morgan Tsvangirai, but was soon taken over by pro-imperialist elements. Former MDC MP Munyaradzi Gwisai, a leading figure in the Socialist Workers Party's sister grouping, the International Socialist Organisation, assesses the current situation

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