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Student support; CPGB chimera; Bad publicity; Capital fellow; Spiked letter; Class above; Blood libels; Expense account; Drawing the line; Ulster view; Sectarian logic; Ice with that?

Capitalism and the family

For secularism, equality and freedom

Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq statement on International Women's Day

Shades of Stalinism

It is impossible not to observe a distinct taint of Stalinism in the reaction of the Socialist Workers Party to the recent controversy over the Danish cartoons, writes Lawrence Parker. This raises an ominous question mark over the SWP's ability to constructively engage with cultural production

How many more careerists?

In Tower Hamlets, a prospective local elections candidate has resigned from Respect. Peter Manson reports

Beyond legal and formal equality

Mary Godwin looks at the origins of International Women's Day and the long struggle for women's rights

Extend abortion rights

It is more important than ever to fight for a woman's right to choose, writes Louise Whittle. Existing legal rights are inadequate - they must be extended

Sanctions of mass destruction

Jim Gilbert reviews Guardians of power: the myth of the liberal media Pluto Press, 2006, pp241, £14.99

Britain's drystone wall

Can the British constitution be reformed? Not without mass political action by the working class, argues Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

What is really offensive about the Livingstone case

Abolish all quangos, defend free speech - Eddie Ford comments

Allying with the nationalists

Nick Rogers looks at the key issue before this weekend's SSP annual conference

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