WW archive > Issue 606 - 05 January 2006

A loyal rebel

On the eve of the Socialist Workers Party's annual conference this weekend (January 7-8), SW Kenning looks at what is going on behind the scenes and the official claims of one magnificent success leading to another


Name change?; More equal; Kenyan socialism; Czech bans; Nuclear silence; White paper; Wales Bill; Tory aid; Far-fetched; Conscience call; No strings; Drop homophobia; Strange logic; What's in a name?; Ever thankful

Church and state against women's rights

Will Italy's Rifondazione Comunista risk upsetting their coalition partners-to-be by defending women's rights? Anne Mc Shane reports from the struggle over abortion rights in Italy

Why I intend to stand

The SWP's John Molyneux explains why he is standing against the Central Committee's recommended slate

Umbilical cord joins New Labour to Cameron's Tories

Graham Bash (Labour Left Briefing) assesses the left's prospects for 2006 - and urges support for an unusual candidate to the new Labour Party NEC

Comforting old haunts

Lawrence Parker takes a closer look at Montague Rhodes James, whose ghost stories will have enlivened many comrades' Christmas

Reply to Molyneux

The SWP's Central Committee responds to the troublesome John Molyneux

Bonapartism or social democracy?

Paul Hampton of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty replies to Nick Rogers and upholds what he calls 'independent working class politics'

Special effects imitation

Jeremy Butler is not impressed by the remake of the universally celebrated film 'King Kong': it lacks symbolism and deeper meaning

The tip of the iceberg

Liam O Ruairc comments on the outing of leading Sinn Fein member Denis Donaldson as a spy for the British secret service

Up a notch

Robbie Rix calls for more money

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