WW archive > Issue 594 - 29 September 2005

Fight for Marxist principle in Respect

Mary Godwin reports from the latest CPGB members' aggregate, which saw discussions on Respect, Communist University and Northern Ireland

Crisis takes new form

Draft theses presented by Jack Conrad

Ireland's British problem and the tasks of British communists

Theses presented by Mike Macnair

Duke of York syndrome

Where do we go beyond the heights of the latest demonstration - apart from marching back down again? Emily Bransom reports from last week's anti-war demonstration

Censorship by stealth

Making a difference

Eva Bulling-Schröter is one of 54 newly elected German MPs from the Linkspartei (Left Party), which achieved a magnificent 8.7% at last week's parliamentary elections. As a member of the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) in Bavaria, she had previously been an MP for two consecutive legislative periods. She spoke to Tina Becker about the election campaign, the merger negotiations between the PDS and the Wahlalternative (WASG) and the possibility of Linkspartei participation in government

Sops and imminent dangers

Jack Conrad takes a closer look at the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill and explains why communists must oppose them

Too tragic to be farce

In spite of the media hype, preparations for Hurricane Rita were just as chaotic and class-based as they were for Katrina, writes Martin Schreader

Rees comes out for Blair's laws

Leaders of the Socialist Worker Party are galloping to the right at a breathtaking pace: John Rees supports the religious hatred laws, reports Mark Fischer

Return to Labourism?

Graham Bash (Labour Left Briefing) reports from the Labour Party conference

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