WW archive > Issue 591 - 08 September 2005

Sign up for Respect!

The Socialist Workers Party seems to have got itself into a little bit of trouble in its attempts to stage-manage Respect's forthcoming annual conference, says Mark Fischer

Victims of criminal neglect, not nature

Paul Greenaway gives the communist perspective of the tragedy - and looks at the position of the Socialist Workers Party, which is far more principled than its response to the 2004 tsunami

Rolling back multiculturalism

Of course multiculturalism is not to 'blame' for the London bombings, as reactionaries like Norman Tebbit suggest. But communists also condemn Tony Blair's plans for more religious schools and increased separation along ethnic and religious lines - instead arguing for voluntary and democratic assimilation from below, says Eddie Ford

The 'crime' of resisting imperialism

A survivor's story

Lisa Moore tells the story of her cousin Denise - instead of the 'rioting looters' depicted by the bourgeois media, she saw desparate people doing their utmost to help each other

Regime crisis and the new conservatives

Ardeshir Mehrdad and Mehdi Kia, co-editors of Iran Bulletin-Middle East Forum, look at the Islamic Republic's prospects for survival following the victory of an ultra-conservative in June's presidential election

Reaping the whirlwind

The catastrophe along the southern coast of the US was as much a product of the capitalist system as it was an act of nature, writes Martin Schreader

Communists and transitional forms

A republican socialist party meets the needs of the hour, writes Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group. That is why communists must lead the fight to achieve one

Raking the Ashes of English socialism

Lawrence Parker takes a look at cricket - history and present

CPGB draft motions to Respect conference

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