WW archive > Issue 590 - 01 September 2005

Conference rights eroded

In order to prevent a repeat of last year's Respect conference, when the CPGB and other critics exposed the SWP's crass opportunism, the Respect leadership is trying to change its conference rules - and runs the risk of acting unconstitutionally

Marxism and republican economism

Jack Conrad replies to Gerry Ruddy's article in the last issue of the Weekly Worker

Are you on the workers' side?

A sacked worker describes August 10 management ambush

'Constitution' unveiled by occupier allies

Mike Macnair takes a detailed look at the proposed constitution for Iraq, which exposes as utterly false and self-deluding the ideas of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty and the pro-war left that the occupiers are in the midst of creating democracy in the Middle East, or that the workers' movement in Iraq is developing under the protection of the occupying troops

Solidarity with sacked Gate Gourmet workers

Rewriting history is not a defence

Has the Irish Republican Socialist Party been in retreat from Marxism? Peter Urban, one of three US-based members who recently resigned from the organisation, gives his view of the recent controversy between the IRSP and CPGB

A week of debates and renewal

Mary Godwin reports from this year's Communist University, which took place from August 13 - 20 in south London

Highly recommended

A first time attendee gives his impressions of this year's Communist University

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