WW archive > Issue 589 - 11 August 2005

Nothing predetermined

Philip Ferguson replies to Peter Manson's article in last week's Weekly Worker

Why we pay our taxes

Annie Machon Spies, lies and whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler affair Book Guild, 2005, pp387, £17.95


We oppose Blair's latest 'anti-terror' proposals not because they are an attack on 'human rights'. We oppose them, argues Mike Macnair, because they provide our enemies with weapons that will be used against us

How dare they criticise us!

The Irish Republican Socialist Party devoted the whole of its latest email newsletter, The Plough, to the article on Ireland carried in these pages last week, and the responses to it. We reproduce the editorial, penned by John Martin, IRSP political secretary, and his original response to John Bridge in January 1999

Starting point for communism

Liam O Ruairc outlines his approach to Irish republicanism and the problem of the British-Irish

Defend the 'traitor' George Galloway

Scottish Socialist appeal

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