what is it? Every year, the Communist Party organises a Summer Offensive - an intensive burst of fundraising work, normally lasting two months. This year, we have again set ourselves the ambitious target of £30,000. During the months of June and July, members, supporters and sympathisers of the CPGB will work hard to raise their targets - but we also need the help of our online sympathisers and Weekly Worker e-readership. The idea of a short period of intense fundraising comes via Marx's Neue Rheinische Zeitung, the Subbotniks of the Bolsheviks and the Iscinin Sesi wing of the Communist Party of Turkey. Click here to read an article by Mark Fischer in which he explains the political background of this important period in our political calendar. We have some big plans for the next 12 months. We will soon publish a new book on 'Communists and religion'. We are preparing to make a principled communist intervention in the G8 protest activities in July. Also, we are in the process of moving re-equipping our Party office and print machines. Producing the Weekly Worker places a heavy financial burden on our organisation - political independence comes at a price. You do not have to agree with us on every dot and comma in order to appreciate our open and democratic press. All this costs money. We have no rich backers - we rely on you! Support the CPGB's fight for transparency in the workers' movement! how you can help * Take out a standing order to the party. If you have one already, can you increase it? Regular income is extremely important to the party, as it allows us to plan ahead. Please return the standing order form to our office (address below) - do not send it your bank. * You can send us a cheque/postal order made payable to 'CPGB' to BCM Box 928, London WC1N 3XX. Mark the back, 'Summer Offensive' * Alternatively, you can make a credit or debit card donation via the PayPal facility below. * Do you subscribe to the Weekly Worker? If not, now is the time to do so - it reads so much better in hard copy than on a tiny computer screen "¦ * Set up a CPGB stall with comrades in the area. Email us at tina@cpgb.org.uk and we will send you materials and get you in touch with other comrades. * Buy bulk orders of badges on www.campaignbadges.co.uk and sell them on.