WW archive > Issue 587 - 28 July 2005

Why did they do it?

Eddie Ford examines the motivation of the London bombers - who were neither simply 'mad' or 'evil', nor can the war on Iraq explain their actions

Now is the time

Opportunities open up on the left

The deep political crisis in Germany offers tremendous opportunities for the organised left. Unfortunately, the new Linkspartei looks unlikely to put forward any of the radical answers needed to overcome it. Instead, the comrades are bowing to populism, national Keynesian solutions and their own version of George Galloway. And, just like Respect, they have great trouble in accepting principled politics like open borders, says Tina Becker

SWP forgets Kosova

Today the SWP does everything it can to be seen as the staunchest ally of muslims in their fight against oppression. Back in the 1990s, however, it was a different story, writes Peter Manson

Fischer defects

In a grievous blow to the CPGB, national organiser Mark Fischer has decided to bail out and apply for the vacant post of national administrative secretary of the Morning Star's CPB - one of history's few examples of a rat joining a sinking ship. To expose the wretched treachery of this perfidious viper we once held to our breast, we reprint his application letter below

Populism, yesterday and today

Both Respect and Ralph Nader's election campaigns are examples of leftwing populism. What lessons can we learn from the history of populism in the United States?

The main enemy

Orla Connolly comments on the establishment's response to the shoot-to-kill policy of the police

Who inspired them?

Eddie Ford looks at Sayyid Qutb, the inspiraion of many of today's jihadi groups

Repression and desperation

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