WW archive > Issue 585 - 14 July 2005

Terrorism and the SWP Janus

Are the London bombers and al Qa'eda potential allies in the struggle against imperialism, or reactionary enemies of the working class? Mike Macnair gives a communist view

Reasons to engage

Sachin Sharma reports on Hillel Ticktin's speach at Marxism Fringe

Squeeze it out

Mission accomplished

Thanks to their front men Bob Geldof and Bono, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown managed to capture or neutralise the Make Poverty History bandwagon. But there remains deep disenchantment, argues Eddie Ford

The 'C' word

Fighter for women's rights?

No short cuts

Tokenising the ex-leaders of a workers' struggle in one small part of Britain is no way to rebuild working class organisation, argues Alan Stevens

Worlds apart

Steven Spielberg War of the worlds general release

Fighter for women's rights?

Size ain't everything "¦

Workhouse of nations

US socialist Martin Schreader reports on Bush's reform of immigration policy

Ignorant and proud

There was a slightly unreal atmosphere around this year's Marxism, the annual school of the Socialist Workers Party. Respect haunted the proceedings, reports Mark Fischer, yet was practically invisible both in terms of the formal agenda and on the stalls

Bolshevik flexibility

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