WW archive > Issue 579 - 02 June 2005

Build on French success

Peter Manson celebrates the victory of the left wing 'non' camp and reports on the post-referendum stress in France

Will John Rees liquidate the SWP for the sake of Respect?

Respect's minor breakthrough in east London and Birmingham has strengthened the hand of the Rees-German faction of the SWP leadership against those they have dubbed the "conservative elements", writes Mark Fischer. We can expect the battle the heat up, as the leadership demands everything must be subordinated to Respect's "big time" project

No sellout on self-determination

Left criticism of Sinn Féin is too one-sided, contends Sean MacGabhain

Attempt at mythology

George Lucas (director) Star wars, Episode 3: revenge of the Sith general release, certificate 12a

House of corruption

Eddie Ford takes a critical look at the 'reform attempts' of the Saudi ruling elite and its strategic importance to the US

Stopping the hijack

Michelle Euston reports from the May 28 conference of the SWP's 'anti-capitalist' front Globalise Resistance

What is Irish republicanism?

Liam O Ruairc argues that the republican socialist tradition provides the basis for the working class struggle in Ireland

Clutching at Keynesian straws to save welfare capitalism

The forthcoming dissolution of the German parliament to allow for early elections shows the deep crisis of German capital and the political elite. A coming together of the usually very fragmented left under Oscar Lafontaine opens up new possibilities. But the left is in political crisis too: in response to global capitalism it is marked by a rejection of international socialism and the advocacy of national Keynesianism. Tina Becker reports

Cunning plans

Howard Roake reports on the opening days of this year's annual fundraising drive, the Summer Offensive. With £30,000 to get together during June and July, establishing early momentum is vital

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