WW archive > Issue 578 - 26 May 2005

Summer Offensive regional launch meetings

Fighting to get inland

Anne Mc Shane reports from Respect's May 18 rally - where SWP leader John Rees applied military jargon to get his members active

'First 11' floundering

Eddie Ford looks at the Tories in disarray as they 'discuss' on how to choose Michael Howard's successor

Crisis looming for Brussels bureaucracy

With a French 'no' looking ever more likely, the European Union's constitutional treaty is in trouble. Peter Manson looks at France's leftwing campaign for rejection and calls for the phrase 'a social Europe' to be given revolutionary democratic content

Galloway - brightest star

George Galloway's stunning performance in Washington has catapulted him onto the international political stage. It will open up some possibilities - but, writes Tina Becker, create new problems for both Respect and the SWP

Not one millimetre

This year's fundraising drive takes places against a backdrop of the political decay of the revolutionary left, writes Ian Mahoney

Summer Offensive fact file

Jack Conrad tells of what you might want to know about the SO

Reclaim the beautiful game

Communists fight for democracy for those who watch and those who play, writes David Isaacson

The 'Galloway effect'

A republican Versailles, not an honourable compromise

Liam O Ruairc, a comrade from the Irish republican socialist tradition, looks at what the Good Friday agreement has meant in terms of Sinn Féin's embrace of constitutional nationalism

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