WW archive > Issue 577 - 19 May 2005

Spontaneity and consciousness

What sort of party should we be aiming for and how will it come about? Former militant docker Alan Stevens replies to Bill Hunter of the International Socialist League

Imperialism in the dock

Galloway turns the tables on accusers

It's democracy, stupid

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group argues that the election shows once again the need for a republican socialist party

Secularism, what it is and why we fight for it

Ideologically wrong, tactically stupid

Liam O Ruairc, a comrade from the Irish republican socialist tradition, continues his examination of the embrace of constitutional nationalism by Sinn Féin and the IRA

Legal aid under fire

Left unity in NZ

End the drugs war

The established parties continue to criminalise millions of casual drug-users and unfortunately, Respect does not stand out of the crowd. Dominic Smith instead calls for the legalisation of all drugs

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