WW archive > Issue 576 - 12 May 2005

After the victory party

Despite its election success, Respect's future looks far from certain, writes Tina Becker. There is unrest within the SWP leadership and George Galloway might well end up back in the Labour Party under Gordon Brown

Results for left candidates

Respect, Scottish Socialist Party, Socialist Labour Party, Socialist Alternative, Forward Wales, Alliance for Green Socialism, Democratic Socialist Alliance, Socialist Unity, Communist Party of Britain, Workers Revolutionary Party, Labour anti-occupation results compiled by Peter Manson

Law of the valleys

Dismal results of non-Respect left

While Respect achieved some impressive votes, writes Peter Manson, the general election clearly demonstrated the continuing decline of the rest of the left

Wishing away the national question

Why 35.3% of the votes equals 55.1% of the seats

An infantile disorder

Graham Bash gives a Labour left view on the outcome of the general election

Where now for FBU?

On May 6, Matt Wrack ousted Andy Gilchrist as general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union. Gilchrist had been deeply compromised both by his disastrous leadership of the union during the bitter pay dispute of 2003-04 and by a witch-hunt launched against the left in the aftermath of that debacle. In a relatively high turnout of more than 20,000 firefighters (out of a 55,000 membership), comrade Wrack polled 12,833 votes, Gilchrist 7,259 - a convincing margin. On the eve of the union's four-day conference in Southport, Mark Fischer spoke to Paul Embery - FBU London region committee member and prominent alongside Matt Wrack in the militant rank and file group, Grassroots FBU, that was forced to close in the face of disciplinary threats from the Gilchrist leadership (see Weekly Worker February 10)

Workers breaking with Labour

Bill Hunter of the International Socialist League takes issue with criticisms of the Liverpool-based United Socialist Party

For recallable leaders

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