WW archive > Issue 573 - 21 April 2005

Trust the people, not the politicians

The crisis of the political system is highlighted at election time. Republican answers are needed, writes Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Going respectable

Liam O Ruairc, a comrade from the Irish republican socialist tradition, looks at Sinn Féin's evolution under Gerry Adams over the last 20 years

Islamic extremists attack Galloway

There is no undifferentiated 'muslim community', writes Ian Mahoney

Respect eclectic mix

What did Andrea Dworkin do for women?

"Pornography is becoming the contemporary mechanism for controlling women, and it is a control that is exercised through sheer terror" - Andrea Dworkin

SWP's 'parliamentary road'

John Harris So who do we vote for now? Faber and Faber, 2005, pp172, £7.99

Who educates the edukators?

Anti-capitalist mood Hans Weingartner (director) The edukators general release

Half a million hits

Mary Godwin outlines the issues at the April CPGB aggregate

Stalinism versus Trotskyism

Alan Davis of the International Bolshevik Tendency responds to Mike Macnair on the popular front

Global capital, Europe and workers' unity

Peter Manson reports on the April 16 joint CPGB-TKP school on 'Europe: prospects and challenges'

Useful anti-war record

Andrew Murray, Lindsey German Stop the war: the story of Britain's biggest ever mass movement Bookmarks publications, 2005, pp276, £15.99

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