WW archive > Issue 572 - 14 April 2005

Another failed unity project

The United Socialist Party, formed out of discussions between representatives of the sacked Merseyside dockers and the 47 ex-Labour councillors, has just split. In this article Iain Hunter, the USP organiser until his resignation last week, describes the formation of the party and events leading to his departure, together with fellow executive members John Kennedy, Jimmy Hackett and Phillys Starkie

Nationalists fall out

Targeting the mosque

George Galloway takes the fight to pro-war New Labour

From Socialist Alliance to workers' party

Statement by officers of the provisional Socialist Alliance

Vote SSP - critically

Alan Fox looks at the Scottish Socialist Party's general election challenge and urges support, even though it espouses nationalism and a reformist socialism

Service provider or trade union?

Big questions and micro-splits

Politics, not platitudes

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