WW archive > Issue 566 - 03 March 2005

Where is the republican party?

The problems and difficulties of the monarchy points to a glaring absence on the left, argues Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Dave Nellist, interrupted

Is the new Socialist Green Unity Coalition a retro Socialist Alliance circa 1990s? If so, wonders Mark Fischer, what's the point?

Don't trust them

Blair's new 'anti-terrorism' legislation cannot be defeated using 'human rights' arguments, writes Peter Manson. The establishment cannot be trusted with powers that could just as soon be used against us

Fight for what we need

Rowan's respect problem

Militant and un-compromising

Falah Alwan is president of the Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq and a member of the Worker-communist Party. He spoke to Mark Fischer during a recent visit to London

Forwards, not backwards

Miners: this was our strike

William Ivory Faith BBC1, Monday February 28

No to their constitution, yes to a social Europe

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