WW archive > Issue 565 - 24 February 2005

Free Giuliana

Sinn Féin rides the storm

Communists and alliances

Galloway joins in the numbers game

The SWP voted down the CPGB's principled call for the scrapping of all immigration controls at the October conference of Respect. Now we can see the result, writes Tina Becker. George Galloway is free to ape the populist calls of the Tories and Labour government for 'controlled immigration'

Political fight to defend pensions

We want rights

An appeal by the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq

Tawdry attractions

Should Andrew Murray join the SWP? The idea is not as weird as it sounds, thinks Alan Rees

Their countryside and ours

Trotting out time-honoured falsehoods

Roy Bainton A brief history of 1917: Russia's year of revolution Constable and Robinson 2005, pp315, £8.99

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