WW archive > Issue 564 - 17 February 2005

Let people decide

Salman Shaheen of the Socialist Unity Network gives a personal view

Wedding bells and establishment splits

E=mc2 and socialism

Splits at the top, confusion all round

The Scottish Socialist Party has a new convenor. Colin Fox, MSP for the Lothians, was decisively elected by delegates to the party's annual conference. Nick Rogers reports from Scotland on the implications for the SSP

Under wraps

Paul Ingram is the Green Party representative on the STWC steering committee. He put an amendment to the leadership motion on the general elections that called for support only for anti-war/anti-occupation candidates. Afterwards he spoke to Mark Fischer about the controversy this sparked

Scumbags and reactionary bigots

What do the elections mean?

SWP's strange amnesia

Papering over the cracks

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