WW archive > Issue 562 - 03 February 2005

Slow death of old left

This year's World Social Forum, which has just closed in Brazil, has highlighted the fact that the left is still struggling to come to terms with the end of the Soviet Union. A new generation is reacting against capitalism's triumphalism, says Tina Becker - and instead of revolutionary answers the left serves them the rotten crap of the past

Disunity amid a plethora of unity projects

The Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform, meeting in Birmingham on Saturday January 29, debated the demise of the SA, the prospects for left unity and the attitude of socialists to the occupation of Iraq. Nick Rogers reports

From Belmarsh to Rangoon

Don't mention open borders

Phoenix from the ashes

Dave Craig argues for a democratic conference and a new Socialist Alliance that unites revolutionaries and reformists

Sectarian killers at the funeral

The Socialist Workers Party will finally bury the Socialist Alliance on February 5. Ian Mahoney draws some lessons

Exploit every legal opportunity

Expression of decline

The marking of Holocaust Day is highly contradictory, argues Hillel Ticktin

Embellishing the holocaust

Bob Potter recalls the support of US capital and the UK monarchy for the Nazis, and discusses the marketing of Auschwitz

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