WW archive > Issue 540 - 05 August 2004


Something Better; Al-Qaradawi; In Limbo; Change record; Not Rejected; Poverty; Proposal; Gary Plot; Beenie Man

Imperialism lives on

In the second of a short series of articles, Mike Macnair examines the role of the state in the global order and looks at alternatives to the 'imperialism of free trade' theory

Josh Heuchan - red salute

On July 30 Josh Heuchan died tragically in a skiing accident while holidaying in New Zealand. He was only 33. Josh was a special human being, a dear friend and comrade: he was committed to the ideals of communism and human freedom.

Road to nowhere

Phil Hamilton reviews Ralph Nader's website - and finds it wanting, just like the candidate's politics

Ken pays the piper and now calls the tune

Should we hand over the European Social Forum opening ceremony to Livingstone? Tina Becker thinks not

Making a start

Oliur Rahman is Respect's first councillor elected under its own name, topping the poll in a by-election in St Dunstans and Stepney Green ward, Tower Hamlets. He spoke to Peter Manson

Miners' long road to defeat

Ken Smith A civil war without guns - 20 years on, Socialist Publications, illustrated by Alan Hardman, pp120, £5

Resolutions and token strikes

The PCSU's ballot for a one-day strike action against the government's threat to axe over 100,000 jobs shows that the union has no serious strategy capable of defeating the New Labour assault, says Peter Manson

Learning lessons

Ian Mahoney reports on the summer offensive

Money is the name of the game

The whole transitory saga of Sven Eriksson will be gone in a short while, thinks Patrick Presland. The gigantic cash nexus we call football will remain

Economism and the necessity of programme

Jack Conrad argues that the left is crippled by its flattery of economic struggles - and the constant downplaying of the primacy of the political

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