WW archive > Issue 539 - 29 July 2004


Red planet; Coy comrades; Publicly support; Knock heads; SWP and freedom; Miners' gala; Death in detention; Disputed claim; Stalinite salute; Stop moaning; Strangely silent

Capitulation squad

Last week's National Policy Forum of the Labour Party saw some trade union leaders 'kiss and make up' with the government, criticises Patrick Presland

Win leadership of resistance

The following resolution on Iraq was agreed by CPGB members at the recent Party Aggregate, together with a shortened version of Mike Macnair's theses

Defend ESF from Tory attacks

The ESF has been attacked for being a "waste of money". Utter nonsense, says Tina Becker. But, nonetheless, all progressive forces must work hard to ensure it will be money well spent

New 'terror' charade

Peter Manson argues that the new 'anti-emergency guide' issued by the government has the clear purpose of keeping the population firmly in line behind the political establishment's global policy

Dissolve and join us

The Liverpool-based campaign for a new working class party met on Saturday July 24. Dot Gibson and Dave Craig give their assessment

Equality and the Euro gravy train

Peter Mandelson's nomination as Britain's EU commissioner sheds light on the undemocratic nature of the EU. Jack Conrad examines how communists should challenge this institution - to build a truly democratic Europe from below

Debating main and secondary enemies

Mary Godwin reports from the latest aggregate of party members on July 24, which saw debates on Iraq, our fundraising drive 'Summer Offensive' and the forthcoming Communist University

AWL, Iraq and 'new imperialism'

Mike Macnair argues that the failure of the AWL to call for an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq is a symptom of their flawed analysis of imperialism

Socialist Worker Online: Great improvement

The newly revamped website of the Socialist Workers Party will not set the world of web design alight - but it is miles better than the previous site, says Phil Hamilton

Summer Offensive 2004: Too weak to squeak

Ian Mahoney explains why the Summer Offensive has been extended until August 14. Have you contributed yet?

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