WW archive > Issue 538 - 22 July 2004


EPSR not quite homophobic; Murky world; CPGB and Labour; Bridging the gap; Mixed bag; Like it is; Not in Wales; Marxist Party; Predictable; Qaradawi

Summer Offensive 2004: Get cracking

Not a bad week for the Summer Offensive - but we need a final push to reach our £30,000 target, reports Ian Mahoney

Butler Report: Iraq lies 'nobody's fault'

That one can smile and smile and be a villain... Patrick Presland reviews the Butler report

Our ESF, not Livingstone's

The finances for this year's London European Social Forum finally seem secured - but with London's mayor Ken Livingstone firmly in charge of all decisions, what kind of event will it be? asks Tina Becker

The politics of purity

Mike Macnair reviews David I Kertzer's 'Unholy war: the Vatican's role in the rise of modern anti-semitism'; Dan Healey's 'Homosexual desire in revolutionary Russia' and John L Esposito's and Azzam Tamimi's 'Islam and secularism in the Middle East'

Racist to the core and packed full of criminal thugs

But should we call for state bans of the British National Party and the introduction of religious hate laws? Eddie Ford does not think so

Thinking differently

Paul Foot remembered - by Marcus Strom, Peter Tatchell, Dave Craig, Will McMahon, Dave Osler and Mick Hall

Outrage: Loud and proud

Phil Hamilton reviews the website of Peter Tatchell's gay rights organisation OutRage - and finds there is very little for straight campaigners concerned with sexual politics

Following the line

David Broder shares his impressions of his first ever attendance at Marxism, the SWP's summer 'festival'

Stimulating debate

Members and supporters of the CPGB are signing up to this year's Communist University. Have you?

Party Notes: Back to programme

In this week's 'Party Notes' Mark Fischer argues that the lack of a programme is coming to haunt the Socialist Workers Party

Respect gets noticed

Principled politics are needed to fill the political vacuum on the British left. But can Respect become this vehicle? asks Peter Manson

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