WW archive > Issue 535 - 01 July 2004


Offensive; Eurocommunist; Inaccuracies; Save Aslef; Leave Aslef; Gay rights; Confused?; SADP and Respect; Red Platform

Socialist Workers Party: Blaming the membership

Last weekend's national committee of the Socialist Workers Party was a pretty unhappy affair. The printshop is being sold off and the promised breakthrough on June 10 failed to happen. How did the leadership explain these results? Paul Fellows reports

Summer Offensive: Pick up tempo

Ian Mahoney reports that even Plaid Cymru members cannot resist supporting the CPGB's Summer Offensive

Arthur Scargill and the end of a fantasy

Five years ago the SWP backed away from fighting the European elections because of the Socialist Labour Party. Now the SLP has all but vanished. Simon Harvey recounts the sorry tale of how Arthur Scargill ran, dominated andunintentionally killed his own creation

Scabbing and London's mayor

We need to wrest control of the European Social Forum out of Livingstone's hands, argues Tina Becker

Assessing the new and burying the past

Marcus Strom calls on all supporters of the CPGB to campaign for Respect in the forthcoming by-elections in Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill - while still raising criticisms of its minimal and populist platform

Shadowplay in Baghdad

Mike Macnair takes a critical look at the socalled 'handover of power' on June 28

Give me four times more

Yvonne Ridley has been adopted as Respect candidate for the July 15 Leicester South by-election. She spoke to Peter Manson

ASLEF: Publish everything

Dean Hooper calls for accountability in Aslef

Rough edges

Phil Hamilton looks at the website of the Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform

Debating the issues

Last weekend saw the second annual Communist University Wales. Held in Cardiff, it offered an opportunity for left activists to discuss issues affecting both the Welsh and international left. Ben Lewis reports

Scottish Socialist Party: Nationalism wrong answer

Sarah McDonald analyses the resignation of John Swinney of the Scottish National Party - but doubts that the Scottish Socialist Party can benefit from the crisis

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