WW archive > Issue 534 - 24 June 2004


Contained; Brazen; Anti-fascism; ANL mark II; Reforms; Curios; Hysterical; Libellous; Presumption; SPGB errors

UKIP: England - the lion awakes?

Patrick Presland looks at the recent electoral successes of the UK Independence Party.

Coming clean

Tina Becker on the latest developments with the European Social Forum

Elections: Royal socialism - on the road to nowhere

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group analyses the outcome of the left's recent election campaigns.

Respect - here to stay: For accountable and motivated representatives

Oliur Rahman was the Respect candidate in the Greater London Assembly constituency of City and East, where he polled 19,675 votes (15.03%). Peter Manson asked him about the campaign.

FBU: Leadership under pressure

Alan Fox analyses the recent events surrounding the FBU's decision to disaffiliate from the Labour Party.

Respect: Lessons of Socialist Alliance

Tina Becker reports on a meeting of Respect in North-East London.

Aggregate: Assessing Respect

Mary Godwin reports on the CPGB's recent aggregate.

ASLEF: Reclaim the union

Dean Hooper looks at the latest developments in the ASLEF saga.

EU Constitution: No to confederal quasi-unity

Europe's capitalists and bureaucrats cannot democratically unite the continent. That historic task, argues Jack Conrad, falls to the working class

Unite Against Fascism: Establishment-friendly

Phil Hamilton reviews the website of Unite Against Fascism.

Summer Offensive: Not bad, but "¦

Ian Mahoney gives the latest news on the progress of the CPGB's Summer Offensive.

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