WW archive > Issue 531 - 03 June 2004


Respect label; IWCA; Animal welfare; Birmingham SA; Transitional; SWP quandary

Vote Respect but fight for socialist politics

Nick Rogers analyses the forthcoming European and GLA elections - and says that those who do not advocate a vote for Respct are wrong.

Summer Offensive 2004

The CPGB's annual fundraising drive has got off to a slow start, reports Tina Becker.

More than an electoral front

The Weekly Worker's Peter Manson interviews Greg Tucker, an RMT militant and Respect candidate for the Greater London Authority on June 10

DWP pay fight needs winning strategy

The week-long Public and Commercial Services Union conference starts on Monday June 7 in Brighton. Lee Rock, PCSU London regional organiser for the department for work and pensions (DWP), writing in a personal capacity, looks at one of the biggest issues facing the union - the DWP pay dispute

Yellow opportunists

Despite the fact that the Socialist Workers Party allowed Charles Kennedy to speak from the platform of the biggest anti-war demo in British history, the Iraq war does not feature too prominently on the Liberal Democrats' website - no wonder if one considers how inconsistent their opposition to the war was, says Phil Hamilton in this week's Around the Web

Aslef barbequed

The antics of the puffed up prima donnas in Aslef's leadership have the potential to destroy the union, warns Dean Hopper

An infantile disorder?

This week, the Red Platform of the CPGB looks at Lenin's pamphlet Leftwing communism - an infantile disorder - and finds many parallels to the political landscape today

A voice for our times

Rosa Luxemburg has a great deal to say for our times, writes Peter Hudis, co-editor of The Rosa Luxemburg Reader. In this essay he looks at Luxemburg's insistence on democracy

Voting for war criminals

The Communist Party of Britain congress stuck to its old line of auto-Labourism for the next general election - despite opposition from leading members

Closed door manoeuvres

Tina Becker reports on latest developments in the preparations for the European Social Forum - which is still hampered by bureaucratic shenanigans, financial shortcomings, witch-hunts and censorship.

Defend Abu Hamza's citizenship

Today, an islamic cleric. Tomorrow, progressives and socialists. No matter how despicable his politics, communists should never support the censorship of 'suspect' minorities, argues Ian Donovan

Documenter extraordinaire

Jim Gilbert Moody reviews In fact: Michael Grigsby and the documentary tradition, National Film Theatre, June 4-25

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