WW archive > Issue 527 - 06 May 2004


Soccer racism; ESF translation; NUM kettles; Spart hell; Respect abortion; Respect tact; Respect MAB; Lucy absent; Imagined Jesus

SWP vote down womens' rights

God, Mammon, and the American way

Manny Neira attempts to extract some real politics from a US 2004 presidential race designed to exclude them

Unprincipled compromise

On abortion and politics of conscience

Abortion: make the position clear

An open letter to the Respect executive committee

MAB, abortion and the CPGB

Seeing Red

Damaged credibility

Open Letter to the Communist Party of Great Britain from the Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform

Fight for abortion rights

Gilchrist launches witch-hunt

Sectarian delusions

Peter Manson replies to the open letter to the CPGB from the Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform

Tip of the iceberg

How embarrassing

Around the web: Respect - www.respectcoalition.com

Guildford Respect defends a woman's right to choose

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