WW archive > Issue 526 - 29 April 2004


Outstanding; Pit amnesia; George and abortion; Respect equality; Respect democracy

Dead in the water

Socialist Alliance Executive

Serving notice

Around the web: True Aslef - trueaslef.com

It is a woman's right to choose

Critical support for Respect confirmed by members

However, a minority think support should also be conditional and exclude MAB candidates

Red Platform founded

Beat the Tories

Camden Labour councillor Lucy Anderson will be contesting the Tory-held London assembly constituency of Camden and Barnet on June 10. Justifying Respect's decision to stand against her, the SWP's Rob Hoveman called comrade Anderson a "Blairite" (Weekly Worker February 26). Mark Fischer spoke to her

Fifteen to twenty-five

For open borders and a worker's wage

Anas Altikriti stepped down as president of the Muslim Association of Britain in order to stand as a Respect candidate in Yorkshire and Humberside, where he tops the list for the unity coalition. He spoke to Peter Manson

Assessing Iraq and mapping out our tasks

Give censorship the red card

Their Europe or ours

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