WW archive > Issue 520 - 18 March 2004


Red-green; Overlooked; Respect SE; Sectarian bilge; Personal; No longer SWP; Outer space; Consistency; George's wage; ESF "┬śconsensus'

Pickets, ballots and workers' defence

Ian Donovan continues his series on the miners' Great Strike of 1984-85 by examining the key tactical and political questions

Comrade Al Richardson remembered

Of course it was political

The miners' Great Strike marked a crossroads. Its defeat had profound political consequences. Dave Douglass, branch secretary of Hatfield Main National Union of Mineworkers, spoke to the March 14 Communist Forum

Not for turning

All the old strengths and weaknesses were on show at the London meeting to commemorate the miners' strike of 1984-85

Mines of information

Around the web

Unlawful resolution

Legal brief

Towards the Anthropocene

Party notes

Fight for extreme democracy

Indignation and hot air

Democracy Platform walkout

Fallout from Madrid

Heads we win, tails you lose

Manny Neira reports on the March 13 special conference

Taking to the streets

Jim Padmore reports on the mass anti-terrorism demonstrations

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