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Skin-deep; LCR and ban; Informed; Charity fraud; Respecting SA; Despair; Techno; Primitivism; Middle class; Raving

Positions of influence

Some of Ken Livingstone's key advisors are members of Socialist Action, a small and secretive Stalinoid sect of Trotskyist origins. The position of leading member Redmond O'Neill in the Greater London Authority has given him an important role in the organisation of the European Social Forum. Mike Macnair looks at the group's history and practice

European criticism

European Social Forum

'E' for equality

Party notes

Courageous class fighters

Around the web

Iran: mullahs in crisis

Victory for the ultra-right in the Iranian elections, far from strengthening the theocracy, has only served to expose its fragility. Addressing the CPGB's London Communist Forum on February 29, Mehdi Kia of the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran looked at the elections and the forces for change

Short lifts the curtain

Sect illusions

Workers Power/League for the Fifth International, 'From protest to power - manifesto for world revolution', London, 2003, pp59, £1.50

Against fascism. For what?

Rock against rocking the boat

It is just over a year since millions marched through London protesting against war with Iraq. Manny Neira argues that in its desperation to preserve the movement behind the Stop the War Coalition, the Socialist Workers' Party is actually holding it back

Looking forward to success

European Social Forum

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