WW archive > Issue 517 - 26 February 2004


Libertarian; Defend Yanar; Democracy Platform; Draft query; Bin Laden found; Reformist PRC; Greek CP; Open borders; Bible on marriage

New Tories take on BNP

Show electors some respect

Socialist Alliance

Reds and the greens

Phil Kent reports on the open warfare that has opened up between Respect and the Green Party

Movement to resist


French left looks away


Unkindest cut of all

Though TV programmes and womens' magazines normalise plastic surgery, it is a form of self-harm, argues Zoà« Simon

You don't steer a wheelbarrow by sitting in it

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group gives his view of the decisions of the SA Democracy Platform

Weak at the knees

Around the web

Drawing a class line

This Saturday's conference of the Stop the War Coalition meets in conditions where Blair and Bush, and indeed their 'war on terrorism', are in considerable trouble, writes Ian Donovan

Donation 'sets ball rolling'

European Social Forum

Moving to split away

SA Democracy Platform

Opportunist wrongs

Party notes

Border controls - essential weapon

Stakes are high


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