WW archive > Issue 515 - 12 February 2004


Priorities; Legalisation; Miners; Crèche crisis; Headscarves; Patent abuse; SWP cult; SA opt-out; Real task; Alternative; Engagement?; Resting

Culture relief

European Social Forum

Essential ESF information

Workers Party and its fragmented left wing

The Fourth International's Brazilian section is in disarray over its relationship to the government of president Lula. Mike Macnair looks at how Democracia Socialista ended up with comrades on both sides of the class divide

Don't disaffiliate "“ democratise

Labour Party

Net profit and empowerment

Since the conviction of murderer Graham Coutts, who testified to using internet pornography, there have been calls for greater censorship of the net. Manny Neira evaluates the relationship between cyberspace and reality

Damned lies and statistics

Around the web

Respecting immigration

Morecambe Bay: Eddie Ford argues the case for the free movement of peoples and exposes the SWP's crass opportunism

'Old' as good as 'new'

European Social Forum

Another cul de sac

Graham Bash is on the editorial board of Labour Left Briefing, an influential monthly magazine on the Labour left. This is the first of an occasional column in which he looks at developments in the party and the broader movement

Wheels start to roll

European Social Forum: Tina Becker excluded from London ESF co-ordinating committee

Reinstate the RMT

Rank and file 'reclaim' FBU

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