WW archive > Issue 513 - 29 January 2004


Climbdown on strike

Ways to protest

Blair is obsessed with introducing tution fees, writes Phil Hamilton

Education for all, not the few

Ben Lewis on the need for a united communist party for an effective fightback against the neo-liberalisation of education

Setting another agenda

Tina Becker on another stitch up in the European Social Forums

No respect for equality

Jack Conrad on the refusal of Respect to have its MP's on a workers wage thanks to the SWP

John Rees airbrushes out history

Rees' speech, while full of Panglossian optimism about the big time for the left (read, for the SWP), was actually an epitaph for the SA. Marcus Ström was there


Elections to the Provisional Central Committee, the Party's leadership body, took place during the recent aggregate

Talking to the Weekly Worker

Various figures from across the left and in Respect speak to the Weekly Worker on the official foundation of the unity coalition

Labour and Respect

Mary Godwin reports from the latest CPGB aggregate

Neither fish nor fowl

The unity coalition does not know whether it wants to be a movement or a party, argues Steve Freeman of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Socialism: the final shibboleth

Manny Neira attended Sunday's Respect launch. He reflects on soul music, and soul selling

Theses on the Labour Party

Your financial support needed

Ian Mahoney appeals to our readers and supporters

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