WW archive > Issue 509 - 18 December 2003

Bible myths and modern Israel

Jack Conrad looks at archaeological wars and bible myths


Gibraltar; Treachery; SSP or Labour; Web resource; Worthy; Reformist unity; Two masters; Democratic?; Stalinist Galloway; Expelled; Mandates; Reformist Respect; Shallow Respect

Fraught beginnings

European Social Forum: After a heated debate, it was finally agreed that our first UK ESF assembly on January 24 would decide on the issue, a short text to which affiliates could sign up, and the composition and function of the working group.

CPGB resolution on the Respect Unity Coalition

As agreed at December aggregate

Political small beer

Around the web: Campaign for Real Ale

Charting the way forward

European Social Forum: Discussion around the programme for the next ESF showed that important lessons had been learnt from the previous two events.

Power to change the real world

Jem Jones looks at sci-fi and fantasy

Try Bush, Blair, and Saddam Hussein

The capture of Saddam Hussein last weekend is being hailed in London and Washington as vindication of Bush and Blair's war. Yet amidst the triumphalism of the US and British governments, there is a note of caution, writes Ian Donovan

Republicanism, the left and mass politics

Chris Jones of the Revolutionary Democratic Group joins the debate

Headscarves and the secularism of fools

Under the guise of defending secularism in education, the French establishment is launching a cynical attack on muslims, young muslim women in particular, which, not accidentally, also strikes at the basic freedom of all.

For a workers' party

The SA Democracy Platform - supported by the CPGB, the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, the Revolutionary Democratic Group and a bloc of individuals - has just issued this programmatic document

London ESF money challenge

European Social Forum: short on cash, will those organisations involved cough up?

A bridge too far

Mike Macnair reviews: Graham Dutfield, 'Intellectual property rights, trade and biodiversity', Earthscan Publications, 2002, pp238, £24.95 Michael Perelman, 'Steal this idea: intellectual property rights and the corporate confiscation of creativity', Palgrave, 2002, pp242, £17.65 Peter Drahos, 'A philosophy of intellectual property', Ashgate, 1996, reprint 2002, pp272, £60

Radical christianity and social resistance

The CPGB's Communist University 2003 was addressed by Ray Gaston, vicar of All Hallows church, Leeds, and a member of the Socialist Alliance. This is an edited version of his speech

European mobilisation

European Social Forum: Should we cooperate uncritically with the European Trade Union Congress (ETUC)? How important are the anti-war protests? Should we demonstrate against the new constitution of the European Union? Comrades from France, Italy and Britain have pretty different views on these subjects

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